Desert Funnies in 3D

Vodpod videos no longer available.
It looked better in Photoshop, but then, everything does.


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  1. Karate cacti!

    3D is such a gimmick. This is what, the third time Hollywood has wheeled it out? And I don’t think it contributes any more than it did in the 50s. I’d rather do without, especially if it means that I don’t have to go the wretched Reading. (Does that make me elitist?)

    I was listening to a war correspondent bitch about Photoshop, and how easy it is to fake stuff with it, and how that’s undermining the integrity of his profession.

  2. Remember when Reading first opened in Wellington and everyone said “At last we don’t have to go to Hoyts anymore!” To this day the Hoyts foyer carpet is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

    The latest version of Photoshop has an new feature which lets you automatically airbrush objects from photos – you’ve aways been able to do that, of course, but now even idiots can do it.

    I think “embedding” undermined the integrity of his profession before Photoshop did.

  3. Hoyts Midcity was my favourite cinema ever when I was a kid. It had that awesome gift shop Present Surprise in the bottom, and as you went up the stacks and stacks of escalators it got gradually warmer and more popcorn-scented in the most delightful manner. Walking to Midcity was the first city outing I was allowed to undertake without adult supervision, aged about nine.

    Of course, we have nice little boutique places now to compensate for our loss. I do rather like watching movies from sofas with proper cushions and tables to rest your wine on. But that ineffable scent of popcorn is irreplaceable.

  4. Aww man now I feel all nostalgic about Hoyts too. I particularly liked going up in the escalators to. Not for the same reasons but because you saw the change in scenery and you were traveling by a form of transport that I’ve always loved.

  5. thomsedavi Says:

    I miss that gift shop, I got some cool puzzles there when we came to Wellington.

    When I came to Wellington there was this other shop I particularly liked, located where Good As Gold is now. It had 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzles, Chinese puzzle boxes, books of illusions and that sort of thing. My idea of a good time.

    I can’t think of anywhere in Wellington like that any more.

  6. Didn’t it move next door, or become incorporated into the model shop? They have that missing leprechaun optical illusion in the window.

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