NZ Comix Weekend details again

You know, this event has no idea what to call itself! Is it the NZ Comix Weekend, NZ Comics Weekend, or the New Zealand Independent Comics Festival? Anyway, here’s the information I formatted for Tim’s exhibition booklet. I’ll definitely be at the event launch tomorrow, and the book launch and awards on Saturday, but there isn’t much point in hanging around during the day anymore. Tim mentioned that Burton Silver is definitely confirmed for Saturday, so that should be interesting. 39 Dixon St is an utterly nondescript doorway that we’ve all walked past a thousand times. Luckily it has a huge “39” over it. It also houses an Actor’s Studio, so look out for the sign. I would anticipate there would be a large “NZ Comics Weekend” sign outside, but I’ve learnt not to take anything for granted.

NZ Comics Weekend
Friday April 2nd to Sunday April 4th 2010
Basement Gallery 39 Dixon Street, Wellington

Friday April 2nd, 5:30pm: Event Launch, and Exhibition Opening for New Zealand Comix in the 1970s and H. W. Bennett’s Comic Books & Men’s Magazines 1944-1950
Drinks, nibbles, opening talk, relaxed hijinks. These exhibitions, curated by Dr. Tim Bollinger, will be on display throughout the weekend from 10am – 5pm. Dr. Tim Bollinger is a comics historian of some repute who has previously curated several comics-focused exhibitions. He is a regular contributor to White Fungus magazine.

Saturday April 3rd, 5:30pm: Wellington Launch of the Victoria University Press edition of Hicksville by Dylan Horrocks
Hicksville is arguably New Zealand’s best know graphic novel, and the VUP edition is the first edition of the novel to be published in New Zealand. It has been translated into several languages, and its author, Dylan Horrocks, has been a guest of several comics and literary events, including the Les Belles Etrangères festival in Paris.

Saturday April 3rd, 7:30pm: The Black River Digital NZ Comics Awards
A celebration of excellence in New Zealand’s independent publishing community, hosted by Fringe Festival comedian Nic Sando and also (we hope) featuring an interview with Burton Silver of Bogor fame.

Events confirmed but yet to be scheduled include: bande-dessinee with Travis Lealand-Mapelsden, abstract comics with Dick Whyte, and engaging kids comics activities with G.C.R.


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  1. mafalda Says:

    To me is incomprehensible why this event has been so poorly advertised.

    I didn’t find it on any of the events lists I regularly check (including local newspapers and events websites). I didn’t see any posters or flyers around town either. So far, the only references I have seen are quick mentions as part of interviews to Mr. Bollinger and Mr. Horrocks, and one entry at the Central Library news’ blog -along with a special display of the work of some of the nominated for the Eric Awards (including you), in the most hidden corner of the already buried Zine section.

    Considering that media in Wellington are very approachable in general, I do not understand it. Unless they want to keep the event only for the people in the know?

  2. I saw one of the posters up… I don’t think anyone’s done the basics, which is to take posters around all the cafes and other specific stores. I really wish I’d told Capital Times – the problem with taking on these basic responsibilities to ensure that the job actually gets done is that you have to assume the worst about the person who is supposed to be doing the job.

  3. Or that, you know, the organisers were run off their feet with actually putting this on, with little time and paying for it out of their own pockets. Hey, next year if you see gaps like this, let people know where you think important work is being missed! Or better yet, help out – people put a lot of hard work into making this happen, and begrudging them any assistance where they might need it is unfair, and pretty counterproductive to the supportive nature of what is a pretty amazing community.

  4. Well, I paid for the 2005 cartoon exhibition entirely out of my own pocket and organised it on my own and still managed to advertise it fairly well. If I’m still well enough next year I’ll try to take a more active role in the promotion of this event.

    In the end it didn’t matter because it went really well and I don’t think we could’ve fit more people into the Basement Gallery without it being a fire hazard.

    The main advantage in publicising it more widely amongst civilians is to raise public awareness of our existence – can you believe how many creative people were in that room? -and it would also help comic sales as well – I would’ve definitely bought Hicksville last night if I didn’t already own it.

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