The exhibition launch

And a splendid time was had by all. The Basement Gallery (which isn’t its real name at all, Arlo tells me) was heaving. There was a great selection of NZ comics, and I was devastated to have nothing to add. There was even a literal drawing room, where I finished folding the last of the exhibition booklets and drew a picture of a duckie with Lily.

After the exhibition launch, people drifted out in clumps to Satay Kingdom. The dinner was an event all its own, where my end of the table was entertained by Nic Sando (I called him “The Great White Dai Henwood” at one point) and I got to talk Disney films with Grace (she mentioned the women sitting on the other side of her had written her thesis on the subject) and sit next to the enigmatic Meredith. I explained that I’d wanted to meet her as soon as I’d read her comics, but now she was there I couldn’t talk to her about her work because it’s so painfully intimate.

Many people were in restaurants because it allowed them to order a drink – in fact, tonight really emphasised to me the importance of alcohol in New Zealander’s lives. Not many places were open and despite the pleasant weather, the streets were nearly deserted. On the way in I saw a group of Asian students react in bafflement to the closure of their liquor store (they practically collided with the closed door before they realised), and afterwards I passed a group of European women backpackers standing in the street saying the German equivalent of “What the hell do we do now?

After the dinner I went with Lily to another exhibition around the corner, which was full of Indie kids (and Arlo again) and had its own bouncer.


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  1. enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a total services shirt.
    oh and here’s a cool link to my mysterious website. cool

  2. For a mysterious website, it has rather a lot of personal information on it!

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