While I remember…

The new issue of Brent Willis’s Bristle compilation is out now, and should be at Graphic in the next few days. I drew a new Rake’s Progress for the back cover, which is also a Jitterati crossover, in case you’re interested in seeing what Debbie and Tony’s baby looks like…

Something else worth picking up is Renee Lyon’s G33K book. This is a lovely little A7 compilation of her Salient cartoons, and has come out so well I’m thinking of printing a Rake’s Progress compilation of the same size. It’s available on TradeMe right now, but hopefully it’ll soon be in Graphic as well.

The reprint of the Jitterati book is sitting in the locked office of a certain printer I definitely won’t be using again. After I liberate it I want to update the DVD, which requires learning some new software, so it’ll probably be in Graphic next week.

The Quad mural is still secured in place by scaffolding, and VUWSA are making noises about contesting its ownership after saying that they didn’t want it. I think the problem is that they don’t want it, but they don’t want me to have it, either. Ideally I’ll remove it before the Easter break ends – I want people to see just how ghastly the Quad looks without it.

2 Responses to “While I remember…”

  1. Renee Lyons Says:

    Three things:

    – G33K is actually A7. Being so tiny there were only about three printers I tried who could do/be bothered doing a booklet so small

    – I’m currently looking into Graphic, and hope to have books available there shortly. In the meantime they’re available on Trade Me, but that doesn’t allow anyone to actually hold the thing and see what they’re buying

    – Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  2. Corrected!

    I’m distressed to read that the printers were discriminating against you for being so tiny. 😛

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