Sight of the evening: a young woman attempting to leap over the row of chairs outside of Midnight Espresso, miscalculating and smacking into the front of the cafe like a large drunken canary. I applauded (compassionately).

Victoria University’s Pipitea campus is missing a giant metal ‘T’ from its Rutherford House sign. It’s probably being used as a giant spotting knife this very instant. According to Friendster, Vic Oria is 45, married, and lives in Adelaide. He now has his own university.

It’s been a week now, so I don’t expect it’s going to develop into a big news story, but googling “Constance McMillen” comes up with some fascinating commentary about the case of the teenage Mississippi lesbian and the fake prom:

Epistemic Closure, Technology, and the End of Distance by Julian Sanchez (one for the partisan intellectuals)

You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught by Nance Greggs (a slightly sanctimonious rumination on what happens when religion is used to justify bigotry)

Why Are So Many Girls Lesbian or Bisexual? by Dr. Leonard Sax (apparently it has something to do with the fact that boys are immature jerks – who knew?)


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  1. thomsedavi Says:

    I think it’s much bigger news on the internet than it is in mainstream media. What’s so fascinating about it is that the people involved seem to feel no shame and in fact continue to openly persecute Constance in stupid FaceBook groups.

    I guess they feel that Constance was in the wrong because her behaviour ‘forced’ the organisers to cancel the ball… mentally that puts them in a superior position. Right. Damn that Rosa Parks, why can’t she behave like she’s supposed to? Can’t she see all the trouble she’s causing?

  2. Constance may end up with all the prom she ever dreamed of.

  3. thomsedavi Says:

    I just realised that what I wrote after ‘I guess’ is probably covered in greater depth and acuity by some (most?) of those articles. Well, I guess too.

  4. Many commentators have argued that the Rosa Parks comparison is invalid because Parks “didn’t choose to be black”.

  5. Well, even if (ginormously big if) it were a matter of choice, I can hear them now:

    “… and of course Jews can convert to an Establishment faith like Anglicanism if they want to get ahead, like Disraeli, so it’s all their own fault, really…”

    … and my face collides with my palm on its way to my desk.

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