Physical exertion


I’m undertaking an unusual project this week, which involves little creativity. I’m 10% through and already I have an extremely sore head. I need to strike a balance between a getting a good workout and permanently crippling myself. More information later.


4 Responses to “Physical exertion”

  1. I’m intrigued as to why (and how!) you are sustaining these injuries? Rescuing panels of your quad mural? Or is there some new militant fitness craze I haven’t heard of?

  2. I’m guessing its the moving of the panels. As I saw Grant walking one up the hill when I (and others) zoomed past in a car. Sadly he was on a stretch of road where it would have been impossible to stop and offer him a lift at the time.

  3. I hope I looked suitably manly. 45% done, 5 more trips.

  4. I really want to know what kind of militant fitness craze would result in bruises like this. Maybe paintball? Very specific paintball?

    Someone get this man a wheelbarrow.

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