“I really admire his decision to go with those static and repetitive panels. The repeated basic picture means he gets to play with the situation, and since the reader gets used to the situation the reader kind of collaborates with artist. That’s always nice for the reader. There’s a sense of expectation set up – like – ‘What are those cactuses going to get up to next?’ And whenever, as I was reading, I discovered the cactuses in different weather or at night the jolt of the difference was quite exciting. And I like that Grant gets to exercise the daffiness of his daffy sense of humour a bit more than he does in Jitterati.

Jitterati, being very local in its content, feels both sweeter and more pungent than Desert Funnies. I can see that those cacti have got legs (audience-wise) but I have a real affection for the Jitterati characters. They are like people I knew when I got out more. And Wellington is so lucky to have that strip, I reckon.” – Elizabeth Knox

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  1. That’s what I’d call a egregia cum laude.

  2. Not to mention “Woo-hoo”, which I gather is one of the phatic ejaculations considered suitable under the circumstances.

  3. Thank you, Stephen Fry!

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