Seven things Palmerston North is doing right

The walk-in refrigerated beer room in Pak’nSave: if Wellington was less hypocritical about its own drinking problem, we’d have some of these in our supermarkets too.

Competition amongst supermarkets: not just bloody New Worlds, and expensive ones at that.

Wide streets, bicycle lanes and cars that actually give way: this is what happens when a city’s streets aren’t based on old sheep tracks and the curve of a pre-earthquake harbour.

Wind-farms: yes, they’re noisy close-up, but from a distance they’re quite mesmerising.

Open central spaces: there’s no calming harbour to look at, so to prevent citizens from going completely mad, the Square is large, placid and green. No overpriced apartments walling off the public view.

An inner city which encourages shopping: sensible parking prices and stores which sell things normal people actually want to buy. This is why no one shops on Lambton Quay except for the rich, and why everyone drives out to Lower Hutt and Porirua in the weekends.

George Street: with less pretentious cafes than Wellington, the excellent library, and the Bruce McKenzie bookstore, the equal of Unity Books with a lot more stuff at sale prices.


3 Responses to “Seven things Palmerston North is doing right”

  1. I hope you haven’t listed these in order of decreasing importance 🙂

  2. I listed them in the order in which they occurred to me.

  3. I’ve enjoyed every one of my trips to Palmie. The highlight of my last trip was the library. It’s so pretty (a perfect fusion of new architecture pinpointing and supporting the old architecture. I liked the building so much I had a photo of it as my phone screen saver for awhile). It also has a great collection and good regular events.

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