I think I just wasted $60…

I foolishly trusted stuff.co.nz for the spelling of Eyjafjallajökull, and had to send Capital Times a corrected version.

I’m a bit disappointed with Specsavers. I was impressed by the shiny new premises in Palmerston North’s intimidatingly expanded Plaza*, and on my way home from the railway station yesterday I stopped into the Lambton Quay branch and made an appointment. I explained I was intending to get one of their very basic $79-$129 packages, which includes everything, examination, frames, lenses and fitting. I asked them if they could handle extreme prescriptions, and said I was somewhere between -16 and -20. That was fine, they said.

Before I had the examination today they asked me again what my prescription range was. The examination was thorough, and I’d selected the frames and everything, when the store’s owner told me there was no way they could make my glasses for under $650. This isn’t really a competitive price. The Pentax lenses they generally use don’t go higher than -12 (which covers most people), and they’d known this as soon as I’d told them what my prescription range was.

Now, I’m not reasonably expecting a business which is based on low prices to take a bath because I’m nearly blind… but by the same standards of common sense, I’d expect staff to speak up as soon as they know there’s no way they can provide a service at the advertised price. They charged me $60 for the examination anyway. I’m probably not going to go back.

*Built on the lines of Mussolini’s office, the expanded Plaza looks set to suck the commercial life out of the other three sides of the Square.

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  1. meredith Says:

    dude opsm were gonna sting me like $180 extra for lens grinding
    $200 complete package my myopic ass

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