Ahahaha oh god…

You’ve probably noticed how much I love it when people seize on my cartoons to publicise personal agendas.

I’m grudgingly impressed that the entrepreneurial Ms Combes managed to score herself some free advertising in Capital Times this week by critiquing Jitterati on the letters page. How wonderful it is for a private person such as myself to be invited by name in public to join a singles’ social club, especially one which stresses that it’s not all about the shagging. Where’s the fun in that, then?

When the Snapper machine was berating the girl for not having a boyfriend, was the writer Grant Buist having a go at single people? Or was, when the girl retorted, he supporting single people’s right to live their lives as they choose?

Wait, what? What is it about people reading too much into my cartoons this year? Isn’t the concept that the reprogrammed Snapper terminals could now be making hurtful personal remarks enough?

Laudable though the aims of the SaRC social network are, bits of me shrivelled when I looked up its webpage and realised that SaRC stands for “Singles are Really Cool”. They should’ve stuck with “Social and Recreation Club”. Or “Shout at Rotten Cartoons”.


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  1. I think it was not very intelligent from the editor to allow the blatant self promotion part, but Ms Combes doesn’t make a great favour to her business at all.

    To start, who would like to join a singles club called Singles are Really Cool? What was she thinking???

    And in her letter she states they seek “to counter the stereotype that single people are somehow sad, lonely, desperate losers”. How? By offering “opportunities for single people to enjoy their lives while they are single”. Because they are desperate losers who are unable to enjoy their lives without her help?

    Definitively, you have not been very lucky with the level of your critics this year.

  2. “Singles are randy c*#$s!” I’d join that club.
    I hope she doesn’t include “GSOH” on her online profile.

  3. Oh Ladybug, if only.

  4. I read that letter. I died laughing. What a terrible attempt at reclaiming singledom. If I was single I’d be looking for people to pash, not play ping pong with. I imagine it being like a youth centre with a homework room and raro.

  5. thomsedavi Says:

    I think it’s flawed. If you really want to meet people just because you want to spend time with them, why exclude meeting couples? What difference does it make? Do you not want to spend time with couples because you’re jealous of them? Then… why not join a club with an emphasis on dating?

    Or, why not join a tennis club, where you’ll meet new people and get involved in a fun activity, without any emphasis on the fact that you’re single, since this is obviously bothering you so much?

    Also, if you happen to get into a relationship with someone at a tennis club… you’re not automatically ejected from the club for no longer matching the criteria! Brilliant!

  6. To cheer yourself up, I recommend Robert Hughes’ Culture of Complaint . H, in his blunt but erudite manner eviscerates (hmmm, how do you eviscerate someone with a blunt instrument… either that’s not a good idiom, or a description of extremely determined viciousness…) the kind of people who are saying, in essence, “Your existence oppresses me!” (and “Waaaaah!”)

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