More Things Like This

More Things Like This
edited by McSweeney’s
Chronicle Books, 2009

The publishing house McSweeney’s and Chronicle Books have independently put together some beautiful comics-related publications, and this is no exception. It catalogues an exhibition of “drawings with funny words also on the same drawing”, an unusual categorisation which includes some cartoons and some illustrations, and conveniently allows contributions from hip non-cartoonists such as Leonard Cohen and David Byrne.

The book is plumped out with several interviews with the more senior contributors, and like many things associated with curator Dave Eggers, it’s utterly in thrall with its own awesomeness. It congratulates itself several times on blurring the line between low-and-high art. How lucky we are. We’re informed several times that if we weren’t at this particular gallery in New York in 2008 we missed out on a great show, which is kind of endearing but mostly bloody annoying. Worth a look if you want to discover some new artists outside of the standard Spiegelman-Clowes-Ware axis of modern American cartoonists.


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