Wellington 6pm

It’s an education to walk against the tide through Aro Valley during the evening rush hour. There’s a few students trickling through, but most people are workers in their mid-twenties leaving their central city jobs. They have the pinched, earnest faces of those at the peak of their handsomeness and beauty who are still working slightly lousy jobs. The women are wearing resentful shoes, and clothes which are a compromise between style and conformity. People nip across streets against the lights because they know exactly when it’s safe to cross.

In the Chaffers New World, couples in their early thirties are buying dinner. The women look tired. The men have peripheral goatees and (let’s be frank here,) paunches, and flash iPhones around.

There aren’t many couples in Moore Wilson’s, just a lot of smartly-dressed women in their forties who are assembling something complicated tonight and are picking up one last ingredient. They aren’t smiling, but (due to Botox?) some of them are looking a bit surprised.

There was a point to all this, but it escapes me for the moment.


3 Responses to “Wellington 6pm”

  1. What sort of face is worn by people who don’t care much about their beauty or handsomeness because their job is too interesting, but who are nonetheless tired and grumpy after a day at the office?

  2. Something stoic, I imagine.

  3. If you smile at someone, generally they’ll smile back. Even if they’ve had a crap day. Especially if they’ve had a crap day.

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