The Meridian Wellington Wind Sculpture series

Ho to Kilbirnie with the lustrous Kate to check out the new wind sculpture. There’s quite a collection of dangly twirly things on Cobham Drive, like the front porch of an eccentric aunt with an interest in wind-chimes. These sculptures are not only designed to be moved about a bit by the wind, they’re also designed to be driven past at speed, so they can’t be too complicated or distracting, like a baby’s mobile.

The latest bauble is called Akau Tangi, a collection of windsocks, each of which unexpectedly houses a glowing centre, like an energy weapon just before it goes “VWOOOORRRRPP!!” and discharges. It’s supposed to make noises as well, for good measure. The other sculptures can be broken down as follows:

Tower of Light: This is the one with the fluorescent hoops which keeps getting vandalised*.

Urban Forest: This is the one which looks like a stack of aerated building blocks and never seems to work properly, like a cubist Bucket Fountain.

Zephyrometer: This is the most phallic object in Wellington (certainly more so than the Beehive), and also the most orange.

Pacific Grass: Not as interesting as it sounds.

I’m glad these sculptures exist, even though it’s not easy to see them if you’re a mere pedestrian.

*”Because There’s Fuck-All to Do Here” -Kilbirnie’s official slogan.

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