Bogle Bogle, Drawing Conclusions and Crude Futures at The New Dowse

Bogle Bogle by Seung Yul Oh is a collection of large colourful plastic resin sculptures. There are blobs and giant matchsticks, regarded with awe by tiny grey mouse-creatures. I think this could’ve been taken further – the mice could be consulting little brochures and taking snapshots. A little mouse Shelley could be writing Epoxymandias in the corner. Oh also made Oddoki, the cute Weeble-shaped birds from Te Papa’s sculpture terrace.

Drawing Conclusions is an interesting assortment of paintings by Gordon Walters, Ralph Hotere and Colin McCahon, alongside their preparatory sketches. The geometry behind Walters’ famous koru works is revealed! Distressingly, so is the fact that he got his assistant to produce his finished works. What, he was too busy waterskiing?

Crude Futures is an unusual photography exhibition by John Lake which combines portraits of Hutt Valley youth with photos of their complimentary suburban environment. The youth are beauty contestants and cadets who look apprehensive yet hopeful, even the ones painted to look like a werewolf and a vampire. Often the photos are not strictly documentary – subjects and environments alike have been touched up with paint strokes. Some of these photos are used as the artwork for So So Modern’s album Crude Futures, a much subtler artistic collaboration than, say, ads with Wellington musicians dressed in designer gear.


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