My Super-Secret Jitterati Project

Can I relax? Ha! No, I can’t!

In a rather neat bit of timing, I’ve been selected for a Script to Screen digital media workshop in Auckland. We’re producing the pilot of a live-action version of Jitterati. Kept that quiet, didn’t I?

We have just over a fortnight to cast, write and film this – it’s a “mobisode”, so it’s only two minutes long, but it’ll be shown to a bunch of senior production executives with a view to developing it into a series. I’m going to put up a casting call tomorrow here and on Facebook – in the meantime, if you know any Wellington actors who look like Jaimee, Debbie or Tony, and are available for a few hours between June 8th and 10th, get in touch with me!


5 Responses to “My Super-Secret Jitterati Project”

  1. Congrats 😀 Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Thank you, Miss Ellipse. If you know any suitable actors, please get in touch.

  3. Ladybug Says:

    Wow, how exciting! You have been a busy little bee lately!

  4. I know plenty of actors but none who look like the characters! Want me to put the word around?

  5. Yes, please! I’ve been a bit delayed in putting up the casting call by, um, drawing the actual cartoon!

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