Writing in uncomfortable places

You’d think holding a writing meeting in the Southern Cross on a rainy, freezing Friday night, when every man and their poodle are determined to get as pissed as possible on handles (!) would be disastrous, but it actually worked really well. I have most of the pilot script, and a number of strong ideas for future episodes, if we get that lucky. I even got home in time to watch the second episode of Radiradirah.

Often it’s unfair to judge comedies by their first episodes, or even first seasons. Many series develop over time. Others are obviously never going to develop much, especially if their creators are throttling things back to make them more palatable. Disappointingly, Radiradirah seem to have loaded their good stuff into the first episode. Apart from FOT and Guy Capper’s excellent sheep animation The Pen, the second episode was very, very ordinary, which would be okay (it’s not actually terrible, despite a lot of kneejerk online comments) if not for the calibre of the participants. Why have these talented, talented people made such an unadventurous programme? We know what they can achieve, it’s actually insulting to see them playing it safe, as though they think a mass audience can’t take anything which isn’t blindingly obvious. It’s too juvenile for adults, but at the same time there’s quite a lot of swearing – so who is it for?


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  1. Just trying to set my own blog up ( failing misreably) so was having a look at what others have done and saw your comments re Radiradirah. I have to agree, it feels safe and so much potential wasted. I wanted it to be a success for selfish reasons. Myself and a team have just put together a pilot for a sketch show at a cost of just $500. We recently had a public screening of the finished episode / pilot and it went down a storm. What chance though of NZ on air backing a bunch of no names when a bunch of stars have got it so wrong. Cest la vie.

  2. Don’t give up, if your show only cost $500 that makes it exponentially cheaper than Radiradirah and therefore strangely alluring to TV executives everywhere. Do you need any animation?

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