Jitterati Casting Call

Do you know any actors who vaguely resemble the characters from Jitterati? Are they available next week to film a short pilot?

THE PROJECT: The pilot is a “mobisode”, a two-minute long digital short. It’s going to be a very simple setup, shot in a single Wellington location for a few hours sometime between Tuesday June 8th and Thursday June 10th. Some voiceovers will also be recorded. The footage will be taken up to Auckland at the end of the week for a Script to Screen workshop, and the finished product will be shown to senior production executives with a view to developing it into a series. The budget is approximately $0, but there may be free coffee and the opportunity to show off to Auckland TV people.

THE ACTORS: We need three articulate actors who look like the Jitterati characters…

Jaimee is a red-haired librarian who doesn’t play well with others. Nothing comes easily to her. She is immensely capable, yet thwarted at every turn by circumstance and other people’s stupidity. She is idealistic and pragmatic, and much of her wit is employed in razor-sharp putdowns. She dislikes being recognised at parties as “that librarian chick”, and tends to attract obsessive males who think they know her because she checks out their books. She is grumpy, witty and cynical.

Debbie is either a PA or in PR – depending on whichever pays more at the time. She is the only one of the group working in an office and making a decent living, although she tends to blow it on Matterhorn cocktails. She is blonde and happy, with an essential optimism and purity of spirit that she knows is extremely annoying to Jaimee.

Tony is a semi-employed Maori actor. The last decent break he got was as a Lord of the Rings extra. His on-stage acting projects are doomed by the pretentiousness of his collaborators, and his roles in TV ads are humiliating. His career has been overshadowed by that of a rival who nicked his crucial line in King Kong and subsequently looks set to become a huge Cliff Curtis-like star. He was at school with Jaimee, who sympathises with him to a certain extent, but wishes he would get over it and get a job as a waiter.

If you know any actors who meet this criteria, or if you’d like to help out, please contact me ASAP. It should be fun and not too hard.


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