Interview Win

An utterly fab interview in Auckland’s Craccum with actress Sara Stone as Fitz Bunny. I sent her some details beforehand, like Fitz liking Debbie Harry and going after critics with a box jellyfish glued to a cricket bat, and she managed to incorporate them superbly. I don’t think this could’ve gone better.

My casting call isn’t attracting as much attention as I’d like. Surely you know someone? I went to see Geoff Marsland who owns Havana Coffee and gave me some coffee samples when I launched the Jitterati book in November – we get to shoot in his cafe on Tuesday, simple as that. It’s interesting having a conversation with a successful business person, he didn’t get where he is by mucking about.


2 Responses to “Interview Win”

  1. Successful businesspeople are frickin’ terrifying. There’s no off button and other people’s feelings are so low down the list they may as well not exist. When they decide they want something done, it gets done. They make terrible bosses. If it wasn’t for them, this world would not exist.

  2. I can’t help much with your casting call, but if you need help elsewhere next week with your project I’m mostly unengaged and more then willing to donate my time.

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