A brief glimmer of hope?

I woke up this morning realising that if the actor situation didn’t improve for Jitterati, I might have to animate the whole thing, which kind of defeats the purpose of doing a live-action version. By the end of the day I’d gained an excellent Jaimee and Debbie – but I still need a Tony.

ATC (Auckland Theatre Company) called – I’m going to a rehearsal on Saturday 12th, and they’re also flying me up for the first night. Yay!

I visited the cafe location again, and poked about a bit with my camera, feeling a bit more optimistic about filming there despite constraints. I then went to Harvey Norman and tried out one of their new HD cameras – so beautiful!

The third episode of Radiradirah was on. Normally the third episode of any show is when it overcomes any early teething problems and gets into the swing of things. I can only hope that Radiradirah’s editors are following Monty Python’s example and loading all the unfunny stuff into the middle shows of the season, because at least then there’s hope it might start improving each week now, instead of getting noticeably worse.

Mr. Sparkles, the grumpy teddy who keeps a blog, has his moments. FOT and Robert and Sheepy are consistently funny – the obvious highlight this week was Jemaine Clement (as a claymation sheep) imitating a monkey. The rest, I hate to say, was consistently second-rate. Steve Irwin jokes. Tiresome animations of classical art. The increasingly pointless Hitler-as-emo-teen animation, which is funny to do once. Once! Overdubbed wildlife footage. Rhys Darby playing the same character regardless of costume. Taika Waititi’s astonishingly unfunny alien, who appears again and again. Cute furry aliens who go “meep!”. Honestly, what the fuck goes “meep!”?

I don’t want to sound like one of those haters who automatically slag off a NZ comedy show because it comes over as a little crap compared to, say, The Mighty Boosh or Black Books. This isn’t a fascinating car crash like Welcome to Paradise. It’s just disappointing. The funniest moments come in the end-credit bloopers… what does that say about the show?


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