Radiradirah #5

Why am I still watching this? Why am I still writing about it? Someone has to. Last night’s episode was actually a slight improvement over the previous three, as a result of finally expanding some of the interminable storylines. Craig Parker made a brief but refreshing appearance and Madeline Sami finally got to do some acting. Changing the titles every episode must be expensive, but it’s a nice touch. Guy Capper’s Robert and Sheepy and Karl Wills’ FOT continue to be excellent. John Clarke is strangely charming as a berry-addicted sunnies-wearing kiwi and David Fane is always worth watching. The rest? Average, or blatant filler.

By now I can only conclude that Taika Waititi’s alien and Rhys Darby’s Gavin Hoode are an elaborate Kaufmanesque joke (I think Nic suggested this) that cost NZ On Air $1.76 million, which works out at about $84,000 per laugh.

Radiradirah ratings from Throng:

May 21st: 289,780
May 28th: 165,320
June 4th: 225,320
June 11th: (no rating, presumably under 246,650)
June 18th: 223,610

(edit update: June 25th: 191,920)


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