Playwright notes

I’ve been working on the playwright notes for FB:L4G, which meant reading my blog from January  to June 2007, when I was in the unenviable position of working an 80-hour week at Salient (over a 100 hour period, believe it or not) because…

[ Removed for legal reasons ]

A horrible, horrible time in my life, one which still continues to affect my every waking hour.


In my spare time, of course, I was popping into FB:L4G rehearsals and having the time of my half-life. This cartoon appears in the Young & Hungry programme:

(click for 197KB jpeg)


6 Responses to “Playwright notes”

  1. You were decaying radioactively?

  2. It felt like it.

  3. Rhinocrates Says:

    … and then it got worse…

    (but let’s not go on about that)

    Still, now it’s all (on average) on the upslope. I’ve confidence that this will turn out well, and from what I can gather, however good the last iteration was (and it was good), this will, despite a few quirks and caprices, perhaps adhere more closely, or become more congruent with, so to speak, what can be said to be, with qualifications (attributable to eccentric interpretations and not indulgence or malice), some semblence (in spirit, at least) of your vision in its ultimate praxis?

  4. I’ve eliminated all fuckwits from my life, if that’s what you mean.

  5. You’ve grown a small beard since 2007?

  6. It’s a work in progress, yes.

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