Waiting for Godot

I was at the opening of Waiting for Godot tonight. I don’t go to many first nights, so it was interesting to see the rich citizens who keep Wellington’s theatre scene running, not by writing/directing/producing plays, but by dint of dropping several thou per annum on patronising the arts. A vital role with the beneficial side-effect of expanding the mind and feeding the soul.

Excellent show, of course, critics who complain this production is too comedic at the expense of existential pathos should stick their heads in the street and see there’s quite enough of that in everyday life without wanting to see more on stage.

I was more interested in seeing Roger Rees than Ian McKellen. I remember watching a videotape in Moscow in 1987 of Roger Rees’ extraordinary performance in the RSC’s eight-hour production of Nicholas Nickleby from 1982. They don’t make theatre like that any more.


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