Radiradirah #7

I tried something different tonight. Instead of taping Radiradirah and watching it later, I watched it live with two friends who were waiting for the excellent 7 Days to start. Their reaction was not charitable.

The Roadeez sketch was unusually funny. In fact, each of the terrible recurring segments have had one good bit over the past seven episodes, so it would be possible to edit together a really good single episode without relying totally on Beached As, Sheepy & Robert, FOT and Mr Sparkles.

Editing. I assume that all the episodes were shot and edited a while ago*, but the editing in this episode was pretty desperate. The sketches are shorter and shorter, which doesn’t disguise their poor quality. Maybe Spielberg’s Jaws was saved in the editing suite, but that’s not going to work here. On Facebook FOT notes their segments are being trimmed by TV3… if they’re cutting out the good stuff, what the hell are they making room for? More dubbed wildlife footage? More Rhys Darby? More Young Adolf?

There’s one more episode until we can shelve it, reluctantly, with Melody Rules and Welcome to Paradise, and never, ever, speak of it again.

Until the next series.

Updated Radiradirah ratings from Throng:

May 21st: 289,780
May 28th: 165,320
June 4th: 225,320
June 11th: (no rating, presumably under 246,650)
June 18th: 223,610
June 25th: 191,920
July 2nd: 158800

*If they were editing the episodes week-by-week, no sane editor would retain the bits with the unfunny green alien, although producer Elizabeth Mitchell mentions it as being one of the most popular sketches… which is unbelievable, frankly.

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