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This rehearsal photo from today’s NZ Herald was taken by ATC’s capable Amber McWilliams… distressingly, I know exactly which number they’re performing here.

From the article by Dionne Christian:

And now for something completely different: a pink bunny with a Napoleonic complex and an ego the size of Norway who has a nuclear weapon and wants to be mayor of the Auckland Super City.

It is Fitz Bunny, a musical adapted by Grant Buist, 36, from his cult 2007 cartoon-strip Brunswick when he was trying to impress his then girlfriend.

“I had a girlfriend who could sing and act but there wasn’t much work around at the time so I decided to write something for her.

“I thought it was quite romantic but she objected to having to audition.”

The relationship ended but Fitz Bunny, with its political satire, fringe humour and music, earned rave reviews. Buist, who likens the production to The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Cabaret, says he’s adapted his script for Auckland audiences with plenty of references to the Super City mayoral race and a swag of new songs.

Simon Coleman, a director and set designer, says it’s a licence to be silly and have fun with an outrageous but clever script. At 42, he describes himself as “old and full but young at heart”.

“Young and hungry – that’s what you have to be to make a life full of stuff that you want around you doing things you want to be involved in.”

Good article, this, slightly open to misinterpretation – she didn’t “object to having to audition”, it just happened that she didn’t want to be in Young & Hungry that year*. This is also the second time an interview has gotten the title wrong – it’s Fitz Bunny: Lust for Glory, not Fitz bunny or Fitzbunny: Lust for Glory.

*It also makes me sound like I was seeing someone in 2007 who was young enough to be in Young & Hungry (i.e. 25 or under), when I was actually trying not to die from overwork.

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