Nearly ready…

I had a long phone conversation with the head of ATC (Auckland Theatre Company) today – she told me how big the opening night audience is going to be, and as a result I went straight out and printed some more books, this time a special cast and crew edition. My room is full of little pink books.

The technical rehearsal yesterday went well, apparently. The cast are very confident, and the costume and set designers have gone all out, so the production has an opulent magic-realist feel. When I saw a rehearsal photo of one of the male cast members in a saucy little ringmaster uniform I wavered slightly, but FB:L4G is nothing if not a flexible church. I still find it ironic that I’ve written one of the campest musicals in the world that isn’t specifically about sex.

Unfortunately because the costumes have taken so long, there won’t be any publicity photos available until tomorrow – by comparison, the Wellington Young & Hungry plays have had some rather nifty publicity material out for the past fortnight.

The other two plays have also brought out teaser trailers like the one I made a few weeks ago. For some reason the other casts seem very white by comparison to FB:L4G. Hooray to be on the fringe of things.

(EDIT: The cast of Exchange are a lot more racially diverse than could be gleaned from the trailer, which is actually a piece of film used at the start of the play.)


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