That’s a good start!

A review by Joanna Davies of Friday night’s preview from Theatreview:

The final show of the night, Fitz Bunny; Lust for Glory (dir. Simon Coleman) is where Cabaret meets Sesame Street and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, it’s a musical that’s waaaaay over the top; basically it’s an extravaganza in a tiny package (and the kind of piece you have to pray no high school ever has permission to perform).

The ensemble cast is terrific. There’s Alex (Virginia Frankovitch), the reporter who dreams of becoming a war correspondent, then quickly changes her tune; Fitz Bunny (Sara Stone), the psychopathic trouble-maker; and Enderby (Daryl Wrightson) the love-sick hedgehog with a speech impediment. And you can’t forget the American General, the front-runners for the Super City Mayoralty, and the sheep rebel leader.

It could be complete madness, but instead the production holds the audience’s attention and, after feeling the first two plays of the night were a fraction too long, I could easily have sat through a second hour of Fitz Bunny.

The costumes are spot on, the band brings life to the space and every member of the cast has a ball. It’s contagious so don’t bother asking whether it’s a political commentary. You’ll have too much fun to care.


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