Even better!

Omer, Sara, Olive (obscured) and Jessica from FB:L4G, photo by Michael Smith

The Herald review by Paul Simei-Barton:

The last offering Fitz Bunny: Lust for Glory is in a league of its own and invents a new genre that might be called camp cartoon cabaret. Playwright and cartoonist Grant Buist presents a fully fledged musical complete with live band, great songs and wild dance routines.

The show is unlike anything you are likely to experience on stage but vaguely recalls the weird vitality of the Rocky Horror Picture Show or the surreal frenzy of early Split Enz performances.

It is not difficult to imagine Fitz Bunny taking her place alongside the Kiwi icons from Footrot Flats – though I wouldn’t fancy Dog’s chances of surviving if he shared a stage with the narcissistic rabbit who nurses a deeply psychotic lust for revenge after her family was massacred by the calicivirus.

Watching the show is like witnessing high-wire acrobatics – you keep expecting it to come crashing down through the sheer improbability of the comic-book plot, but the spectacle is sustained by its own bravado and wildly anarchic energy of the superb cast.

Well, that’s pretty bloody good, isn’t it? I like the “camp cartoon cabaret” bit, although I can only take credit for the middle ‘C’. Ironically the plot is one of the more logical things about the show  – it doesn’t really have a “comic-book” plot, that sounds slightly pejorative, it has a musical plot, that is to say, there has to be room in the sixty-minute show for ten songs.

I saw the show on Saturday, I’ve been recovering since then, but I’ll write my own reaction tonight. I also have some Hits of Fitz books left over, which I’ll take in to Graphic tomorrow for sale. Look out for the pink display stand, it’ll be very hard to miss.

(EDIT: Actually I won’t be coming up with anything like that for the next couple of days, I’m utterly exhausted. My internet hasn’t worked properly for the past month, it’s 5℃ in my room and we’ve had a non-paying houseguest from England in the flat for the past month who is a pain in the arse to tidy up after. The new FB:L4G trailer can wait for a bit, there’s already enough of a buzz around the show this week.)


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  1. Rhinocrates Says:

    Well, isn’t that just the eusocial arthropod’s, Apis mellifera’s limb joints?*

    *Alright, bee’s knees.

  2. It’s okay, this is the Brunswick blog, no-one needs to explain their jokes.

  3. Well done on the great reviews!

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