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I wasn’t expecting there to be any more FB:L4G reviews, but here’s a new one Anita pointed out to me from the Lumiere Reader by Renee Laing:

Fitzbunny: Lust for Glory is an entirely different kettle of fish (or should that be bundle of bunnies?).  Anyone who thinks bunnies are harmless and cute better think again: Fitzbunny is a two-foot tall homicidal megalomaniac with a penchant for pink who thinks nuclear bombs make good interior design. When a deliberately released calcivirus kills most of her (very large) extended family, Fitzbunny (Sara Stone) gathers her acolytes (Olive Asi, Jessica Bates, Omer Gilroy) and a hapless journalist (Virginia Frankovich) and they swarm New Zealand like a Black Power gang in sequins. Along the way she confronts guerilla sheep, dubious politicians (as if there were any other kind) and crazed American generals (see under politicians). She also contests a mayoral contest against John Banks and Len Brown. I found myself wishing for a world where wearing hotpants and going shirtless was acceptable pre-mayoral behaviour, though possibly if any of the incumbents tried it, I’d quickly find myself wishing for the opposite. But I digress.

What I mean to say is that Fitzbunny is explosive, funny and very, very unpredictable. It’s in a genre of its own. But if Fitzbunny was holding a knife to my throat, punk rock political manga burlesque comedy may partially cover it.  Wellington Playwright Grant Buist plays fast and loose with current events and local politics and he’s clearly done his Auckland research (Len Brown’s credit card fiasco gets a dig, as does John Banks’s… well, all of John Banks). And did I mention the live three-piece band, and the all-singing, all-dancing numbers? The crazy sequined costumes and the high heeled boots and fishnets for everyone including the boys? Sometimes the laughter came out of sheer disbelief, but mostly because it’s all good exuberant fun. Special mention to Stone for the fine voice with which she carried out her lead role, to the chorus (Christopher Bryan, Jordan Mooney, Imogen Prossor, Thomas Webster and Jae Woo) for their energy, and to my favourite character of the night, Enderby the lisping lovestruck hedgehog (an aaw-worthy Daryl Wrightson).

I can’t take credit for the Len Brown credit card fiasco line, that was probably the cast! Nice that it mentions everyone by name, shame it doesn’t include Simon Coleman’s direction and Robin Kelly’s musical direction, which makes the show what it is.

The Nightline story will appear on Monday, apparently tonight’s show was already full up. The timing is good, it’ll help counteract the second-week slump that Young & Hungry usually suffers from.


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