Listener review

An absurdly good review from the new Listener by Frances Edmond, not online for another week, so laboriously transcribed for your pleasure:

The final offering, Fitz Bunny: Lust for Glory, is a piece of inspired mayhem and whimsical political satire from cartoonist Grant Buist. It is populated with performing rabbits; communist sheep, including Che Guebara, intent on a coup; and a lovelorn hedgehog, Enderby (Daryl Wrightson). Over all is Fitz Bunny herself (an extravagant and feisty performance by Sara Stone), a singing diva throwing tantrums in the grand tradition, and with aspirations to significant political power: the Auckland super-mayoralty! Surprisingly, she wins, and is wooed by the Americans with a nuclear missile … or is it a coffee machine? And does it matter, provided it’s a threat and provides her with political clout?

“Just because you set it to music doesn’t mean it isn’t bullshit,” someone says. Well, yes… but bullshit of the most captivating kind – clever, irreverent, outrageous and phenomenally silly. The song to evil is a particularly delicious highlight. It’s performed in cabaret style, with splendidly elaborate costumes (Caitlyn Brogan), fine strong singing from both chorus and soloists and an excellent on-stage band.

Now that’s what I’m freakin’ talking about! There’s a big photo (the male cast in hotpants, poor things) and a pull quote. And the costume designer and band get a mention. The other two plays are intelligently analysed, but FB:L4G sounds a hell of a lot more entertaining. Hooray for the Listener.


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