Fitz on Nightline

You have to admit, that does look pretty cool.

Kids! Become a cartoonist, and one day you may have posture like this.

The FB:L4G cast looked much prettier than me, but my soundbites were awesome.

(Link to the news item in question, with 1.2MB of ads, unfortunately )

There’s a very limited number of The Hits of Fitz on sale in Graphic right now, for $4, I believe. They make cute, inexpensive presents. Look for the eye-watering fluoro-pink stand, it’s almost impossible to miss.

Oh, and I have a perplexing cartoon in the new issue of FishHead as well. It’s printed quite small, but it’s very clear.

…Good day, really!


4 Responses to “Fitz on Nightline”

  1. Congratulations on all the praise! Any chance of another production in Wellington?

    That’s a very tidy studio you have there. Most artistic types tend to go for the ‘creative chaos’ thing.

  2. That would be weird, if success in Auckland led to another Wellington season. I’d have to retrofit it so it was about Wellington again. It would work quite well… although it would have to be on before October, so they’d have to start rehearsals… NOW!

    Strategic camera angles. I suppose it is quite tidy. I save the chaos for other parts of my life.

  3. Rhinocrates Says:

    There’s a general election next year…

    Ah, but you needn’t recycle. There’s potential for new plays such as The Bridge being produced now that you’ve further proven your marketability. The companies here might be just a little less prone to turning up their noses than they might be to opening their wallets, considering their need for something that puts bums on seats and which isn’t written by Roger Bloody Boring Banal Hall.

    Great Cthulhu in a sidecar with chocolate sauce and cherries on top, have you seen the publicity for his latest… er… thingy? Starring David McPhail?! Theatre needs you! Now! Desperately!

  4. In an early draft of FB:L4G, Fitz launches NZ’s space programme by shooting Roger Hall into orbit.

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