I only actually like one of these things

Back up to Auckland tomorrow, where I intend to film a couple of FB:L4G performances in order to edit them together into a proper DVD.


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  1. I sure hope we, ‘we’ meaning the auckland cast, are able to get copies of this! =D

  2. But of course, silly bunny. I’ll post them to ATC and ask them to distribute them to you. Useful for showreels and memories.

  3. Let me guess is the one thing you like “Glee”? Also at comics meeting yesterday a new person showed up who had short red-hair, was thin and tall-ish. Unsurprising I noted the resemblance.

  4. They must be killed!

  5. David Thomsen Says:

    I’ve heard that Glee is good, but I have a boycott on for anything that involves teenage performers, vampires, werewolves, zombies or zombies which aren’t technically ‘zombie’ because they’ve actually been infected with some kind of man-made virus that has nothing to do with the supernatural, so don’t call them ‘zombies’ okay?

  6. Rhinocrates Says:

    Horror is a debased genre these days, but following Sturgeon’s law, ninety percent of everything is crap anyway. Always was and always will be – but ten percent isn’t.

    I recommend Let the Right One In as a cure for anything Twilight related. Teens, yes (well, twelve years old “for a very long time”); a vampire, yes… but it’s deeply disturbing, and all the more so when you consider the implications of the supposedly “happy” ending. It’s not the material that dooms a project to artistic damnation, it’s the handling of that material. While I do lament the fact that the vampire, a terrific archetype, has been so debased by postmodern sentimentality, I know that if it’s handled well, and without thick dollops of saccharine, it can still be very powerful.

    As for zombies, researchers into consciousness and artificial intelligence have followed on from the Turing Test to ask themselves what we would do if confronted by a being equipped with algorithms so sophisticated that it could simulate the appearance of conscious behaviour without actually being conscious, could we tell the difference? Others have answered, well, since the brain consumes so much of our metabolic output, maybe consciousness is really just a was of energy and wouldn’t we be better without it? They like calling these hypothetical beings “zombies”. Things that look like someone you know, who speak like someone you know, but which aren’t in fact really there at all are creepier than the usual shambling grey wrecks, no? Have a look at Freud’s “The Uncanny”.

    Tell me that HAL 9000 isn’t genuinely creepy!

    Yep, it needs to be done well, and Hollywood generally doesn’t do that, but some people outside of Hollywood do manage to handle it well.

  7. Rhinocrates Says:

    Errata: “was of energy” should be “waste of energy”, paragraph breaks, Philip K Dick’s androids and simulacra blah blah and so on and so forth. Fuggedaboutit. Sleepybyebyes, zzzzz.

  8. In other news, here’s the trailer for the completely unnecessary Hollywood remake of Let the Right One In.

  9. Rhinocrates Says:

    Yes, I know. Face/palm, possibly escalating to head/desk.

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