The Last FB:L4G

To FB:L4G for the last time, this time filming from the other side of the stage for editing purposes. It was a much better show than the previous night, but not as many people hung around afterwards, presumably because there’s a wider range of places to go late on a Thursday.

I had a bizarre moment earlier in a cafe, when I opened an Auckland events magazine at random to my own name. It also mentioned the Art of Dr. Seuss exhibition at the Lonely Dog Gallery, which I missed when it was on in Wellington. Unfortunately when we visited it just down the road, it had just closed here as well, but the gallery person was very nice and showed us all the prints they were preparing to pack up. I’m still not sure how a high-quality framed reproduction of a 1958 children’s book illustration, which represents about $50 worth of materials and labour, is worth $1,590, but that’s the art world for you*.

The Lonely Dog Gallery, as you can tell from the name, is full of the anthropomorphic abominations of Ivan Clarke, a very clever man who has deduced that a) money does not buy taste, and b) American investment bankers having a midlife crisis have a fuckload of money and like spending it on paintings of dogs in sunglasses doing moody things.

*The paint and canvas used for the Mona Lisa probably didn’t cost much, either.

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