Investment life

You buy paintings you don’t like with a view to selling them later at a profit. This is investment art.
You buy houses you have no intention of living in so you can rent them out. This is property investment.
You make friends with people you dislike because they know other, more useful people. These are contacts.

Is it possible to life an entire life without actual engagement? To live an investment life?


3 Responses to “Investment life”

  1. mafalda Says:

    What’s actual engagement? Does it exist? Examples, please.

  2. Buying a house because you want to live there, buying art because you like it, spending time with people because you like them, enjoying life in the short term without endlessly calculating how you can exploit things to your advantage.

    I went to three performances of FB:L4G and I watched them through my camera’s viewfinder instead of just enjoying the show, which I regret, but in the long term it’s worth it because I can make a recording which many more people can enjoy.

  3. mafalda Says:

    What’s life but exploiting things to your benefit…

    Hooray for the recording. That show deserves a bigger audience.

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