The next stage was a visit from “da Boyz”

The deadbeat ex-flatmate surprised me today by finally paying a fraction of the money he’s owed me since I evicted him 18 months ago. You see, he has a high-paid job now, so he can afford it! In fact, he’s really busy, so it was something of an inconvenience for him to actually turn up at court… Yeah, yeah, I don’t care! Give me the rest of my money, and then stay out of my life.


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  1. Rhinocrates Says:


    Sorry. I know that it’s been a severe strain for you, but I can’t help but be amused that this phallocephalus is dim enough to either (a) believe that you’ll believe him, and therefore in some way prove that by being gullible will (a-i) offer an adequate substitute (in his own cluster of heurisms he calls, euphemistically, a ‘mind’ ) for justification, (a-ii) prove that you’re a sucker, thus demonstrate his deserving superiority in gulling you or (b) sort of kinda hopefully wants to believe his own bullshit and wishes you’d confirm his good intentions for him.

    A lot of people think that sociopaths are cool – but the fact is, mostly they’re thick-as-pigshit narcissists (Hello Mr Key!), and from a distance at least, it’s funny to see that demonstrated. I guess that it’s just not so funny to have been ripped off by them.

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