Another open home

Our second (official) open home, and a fairly uneventful one. There were a couple of scornful little girls, but they have to find out about the working classes at some point in their lives, don’t they? Only one person poked their head into my room, I didn’t bother showing them the Chapman-Taylor windows.

Overnight an impressive percentage of the bank sloughed off to destroy a car parked down the street – the pile looked okay until you realised there was a massive branch sticking out of it, what Fitz would describe as a “knocky log”. It was cleaned up before the open home, except for a lot of mud and some orange cones, just enough to give someone thinking of buying property in the area the mild willies.

Last week our landlady destroyed the compost heap my flatmate has been working on for the past two years… she assured her it would be replaced with horse manure, which was dropped off and turns out to be far too fresh to use for anything except a conversation starter. When my flatmate complained, the toughness of the aforementioned manure was strongly emphasised.


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