Wellington on a Plate

Ho to Fratelli with relucent birthday girl Kate to try their Wellington on a Plate dinner menu, selected on the basis that it contained smoked cod, stuffed Parkvale button mushrooms, sage-wrapped pork loin and tiramisu*. Oh, and three wines. We had a fantastic dinner, although none of the food we were expecting was on the menu – I think I had spaghettini, braised chicken breast and biscotti. Oh, and three wines. And I might have drunken the Amaretto that came with the biscotti.

They explained that because the brochures are designed four months in advance, at the time they just make up a rough menu which is then subject to change. Quite a bit of change, really. All of it. Fine and dandy, except I got their menu from the website. Surely that would be a doddle to update? Great meal, anyway. Don’t check out the website on an empty stomach.

*Not mixed together in a bucket, obviously.

3 Responses to “Wellington on a Plate”

  1. David Thomsen Says:

    How come Kate doesn’t get an adjective, like ‘translucent’ or ‘diaphanous’? I thought everyone got an adjective. ‘Reluctant birthday girl’ doesn’t cut it.

  2. Rhinocrates Says:

    I’m waiting for someone to be ‘eponymous’.

    (I’ve already bagged ‘reclusive’, ‘pseudonymous’ being somewhat obvious already.)

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