Marc Ellis’ Good Fullas: A Guide to Kiwi Blokes

Marc Ellis’ Good Fullas: A Guide to Kiwi Blokes
by Marc Ellis & Charlie Haddrell
Illustrated by Donovan Bixley
Hachette NZ, 2010

A collection of NZ male stereotypes, a lavishly-printed update of Barry Crump’s Bastards I Have Met, beautifully illustrated by Bixley but strangely less progressive than Crump’s 1971 classic, which was an entertaining collection of personal anecdotes. This book also contains a lot of personal observations, but substitutes lazy prejudice and childish attempts at causing offence for character insight.

The Whitcoulls website claims that Ellis’ “innate ability to thumb his nose at The Establishment and all things P.C will mean no group – no matter how seemingly untouchable – will be spared the Ellis invective”. Wow, you had me at spelling Establishment with a capital ‘E’ and attacking P.C.. I mean, there’s nothing less Establishment than advertising home ventilation systems, and if it’s anti-P.C. how could it lose? Aren’t we all just sick of lefty-commie-pinko feminists? Hopefully our new Prime Minister Jim Bolger will sort them out proper.

Anyway, the caricatures by children’s book illustrator Bixley are colourful and quite fun, and it’s probably not his fault that many of the stereotypes are so blunt and lazy*. Yes, I know it’s just meant to be a fun cash-in for Fathers Day, but with just a bit of extra thought it could’ve been a lot more interesting.

*The Cardycrat and limp-wristed Finkle are just two archetypes who belong back in the ’70s.

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  1. I want a copy, i think it’s funny.

  2. Rhinocrates Says:

    Actually, my father would have liked something about the Goons.

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