Fitz Bunny: the DVD

I’ve finally started assembling the FB:L4G DVD. This requires editing the three performances I taped into one which flows smoothly. The opening night performance was quite astonishing, but I often missed action which was taking place at an unexpected end of the long stage, and I was also shaking with laughter at some of the costumes and entrances – Enderby Hedgehog in tight little shorts, and Imogen as a sheep grazing from a bag of supermarket salad, for example.

Instead of loading each performance as an hour-long file, I’m breaking them up into acts, which means I only have to edit five-to-eight minutes of footage at a time. Hopefully it’ll compile well – the advantage I had with the Wellington production is that the musical numbers used backing tracks, which meant synchronising the different performances was a doddle. I was watching the DVD of the most recent Mighty Boosh live tour, and it was jarring to notice that during the long final number their backing dancers (an exuberant lycra-clad Sue Denim and Dee Plume from Robots in Disguise) vanish and reappear from shot to shot. Oh well.


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