This is purely hypothetical, you understand

Suppose, for a second, in defiance of every trend in the newspaper industry, a new Wellington comic strip was to appear in a certain widely-distributed newspaper. This strip would appear weekly, be in full colour, and be designed to appeal to a reasonably affluent, intelligent and sophisticated audience. The sort of people who live in Wellington and still read newspapers.

What sort of thing would you be interested in reading?


3 Responses to “This is purely hypothetical, you understand”

  1. David Thomsen Says:

    Social & political satire with recognisable Wellington types (the suit, the actor, the Weta geek, the hipster, the homeless person everyone is on first name terms with etc) with some character story and humour that is not necessarily related to local or world events.

    The Weta geek should have a regular segment where he shills his latest $1,200 model of a WW2 fighter plane/alien tech hybrid from an alternate history/parallel universe. That would be totally Wellington.

  2. It would feature a young, angst-ridden creative type as they struggled to come to terms with the fact that their “industry” was doomed to be forever marginalised and tolerated by society only since we have extra food and shelter to go around. It would follow the artist through their creative journey into marketing, advertising and innovative graffitti followed by the long, slow descent into nihilism.

    Since we are being purely hypothetical…

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