Dreamland by Todd Schorr

by Todd Schorr
Last Gasp Press, 2003

I’m not quite sure why this book is in Central Library’s graphic novel section… but where else would it go?  It’s a collection of the magnificent pop-art of Todd Schoor. The Easter Bunny and Santa battle for supremacy with hatchets. Fred Flintstone prepares to slaughter a desiccated vampire Pope. Primitive man is inspired by a nude Olive Oyl to carve a voluptuous fertility goddess. Tiny flying saucers scream through the background of most of the paintings for no good reason. You’d swear drugs were involved at some point.

In an astonishing pair of paintings, The Spectre of Monster Appeal and The Spectre of Cartoon Appeal, hundreds of characters from classic monster films and cartoons pour forth into nightmarish landscapes overshadowed by their respective Cerberuses – one a Dracula-Frankenstein-Wolfman hybrid, the other an unholy conglomeration of  Wolf-Mickey-Popeye. There are two more variations, one depicting The Hydra of Madison Avenue, with hundreds of slightly diseased-looking corporate ‘toons, and Into the Valley of Finks and Weirdos, which is Wagnerian in its ugliness.

The detail and skill involved in these monstrous paintings is mindboggling, if you can imagine Josh Kirby (who painted the early Discworld covers) with a much smaller brush and an obsession with pustules and saliva. It makes the Lonely Dog look like, well, Garfield.


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