I finally saw Miyazaki’s Ponyo… I didn’t realise it was released over two years ago! Isn’t it great to have Studio Ghibli and Pixar in the world?

Ponyo is less epic than the superlative Spirited Away and more of a kids’ film than Howl’s Moving Castle, but the title character Ponyo (a magic-infused goldfish who becomes a human girl) has some of the best character animation I’ve ever seen. Studio Ghibli’s films aren’t as glossy as Pixar’s (there’s that slightly jerky anime frame-rate to deal with for a start) but this is utterly charming.

It’s interesting that Disney (who distribute Ghibli films in the west) still feel compelled to use big name actors when they do their English dubs. Disney animations usually have one or two obvious celebrities in them (notably Robin Williams in Aladdin), but most of the characters are performed by professional voice artists, who are less expensive and better at the job. It’s sad that these excellent Japanese films still need to be sold in the States on the basis of familiar American names.


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  1. Nicholas John Sandoraburaban Says:

    Man, what blows me away about the animation of Ponyo is that it’s almost entirely hand drawn and rendered. It’s colours are almost all hand water coloured too. Looking at films like this, My Neighbours the Yamadas and the classics of western animation, I almost *almost* feel like hand drawn animation is worth my trying to attempt.

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