Jaimee has her hair down!

Looking at this now, I’m not sure if it’s clear that Jaimee is looking at propaganda for the local body elections. I had a bunch of leaflets shoved through my letterbox by the Labour candidates, who seem to be marginally more clued up on Local Body Election 101 than the other parties.

Anyway, Jaimee has her hair down! By cartoon standards… sex-y!


One Response to “Jaimee has her hair down!”

  1. David Thomsen Says:

    We got a letter that had been posted to ‘The Residents’ at our address, with some random other address on the back. It turned out to be propaganda, so I threw it out.

    Another identical letter arrived a couple of days later, addressed to a slightly different address that also happens to be exactly the same address. On this one I crossed out ‘The Residents’ and wrote in ‘No longer at this address’.

    I like to think of the confusion this will cause.

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