Stop Forgetting to Remember by Peter Kuper

Stop Forgetting to Remember: The Autobiography of Walter Kurtz
by Peter Kuper
Crown Publishers, 2007

Another fake autobiography for a cartoonist who apparently died of embarrassment at the publication party for this very book, a neat concept which isn’t taken past the entertaining book flaps and back-cover blurb. The story of a NYC cartoonist facing the birth of his first child (and 9/11, inevitably) is pedestrian, but it’s well presented with thick-lined artwork (often resembling a woodcut) and a neat use of dark sepia when entering flashbacks to his lustful and druggy college days.

There’s a great two-page section at the beginning entitled Secrets of the Graphic Novelist which includes “Enormous (usually unjustified) egotistical belief in one’s unrecognized genius” and four pages of Richie Bush. There’s rather a lot of adolescent sexual frustration and agonising about growing up/old. It’s an unexceptional story, but told very, very well.


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