NZSO Soloists

Ho to the Michael Fowler Centre with the accordant Kate. It seemed a bit cruel to make the players stand up for an hour or so, as well as exposing them to director Vesa-Matti Leppänen’s jokes. I don’t have a wide knowledge of classical music, but I was pleased to be able to follow the movements of Georg Telemann’s Burlesque de Don Quixote, a moment in which a literature degree proved useful, if only obliquely.

The programme lists all the players in a very strict pecking order. The horn section is sponsored by Datacom, and if you’re a sub-principal in the string section, you have a “©” after your name. Quite a large amount of public money has been invested in supporting a group of talented musicians so they can perform the works of long-dead white European composers on archaic acoustic instruments for a small and specific audience, many of whom have contributed large sums for the privilege of being listed (by dollar amount, which I thought a bit vulgar) in the programme as supporters.

Yes, it’s a strange life in the NZSO.


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