Afrodisiac by Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca

by Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca
Adhouse Books, 2010

A hilarious and completely inappropriate collection of stories chronicling the adventures of the mighty Afrodisiac, part Shaft, part Bond, part… well, that’s about it really. Armed with a huge afro and every Blaxploitation trick in the book, he dispatches numerous supervillains (including Nixon, Dracula, Hercules and android God) while comprehensively romancing the ladies. Lots of fun.

Cleverly presented as a reprint of ’70s and ’80s comic books (including creases and Ben-day dots), the book relentlessly pastiches numerous styles and genres (often simultaneously), and the funniest parts are the fake comic covers which show Afrodisiac inserting himself into a romance comic and rescuing a blonde cavewoman from a dinosaur in Vietnam in 20,000 BC.

You can probably judge from that last description whether you’d be into this or not.


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