Sinfest: Vol.1 by Tatsuya Ishida

Sinfest: Volume One
by Tatsuya Ishida
Dark Horse Books, 2009

It’s always interesting when a successful webcomic puts out an actual book. It’s taken eight years for this to come out, but it’s all good stuff. I’ve read the equivalent volume of Penny Arcade, which is even more popular, but the problem with cutting-edge cartoons about the latest video game releases in 1998 is that they’re a bit baffling twelve years later.

On the other hand, cartoons about the eternal battle between good and evil, short wannabe-pimps and misogynist piggies are eternal. It’s the fratboy version of Paradise Lost.

Ishida’s art is gorgeous, like a calligraphic Calvin and Hobbes. There’s even a selection of the inevitable college strips, which would be far too outrageous to print in Salient. Ha!


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