Pizzeria Kamikaze by Etgar Keret & Asaf Hanuka

Pizzeria Kamikaze
by Etgar Keret & Asaf Hanuka
Alternative Comics, 2006

While reading this I thought it sounded familiar; the short story it’s based on (Kneller’s Happy Campers) was adapted by its author into the inelegantly titled Wristcutters: A Love Story. Three titles, three mediums, one story. Hanuka’s vivid artwork uses silver ink as a grey tone, which means it’s hard to read under a strong light.

The idea of successful suicides ending up in some sort of Purgatory isn’t new, but it’s an interesting concept that they have to then just get on with their dreary afterlives in a place that resembles Tel-Aviv, bearing the marks of whatever method they used, alongside a growing and understandably miffed community of Islamist bombers.


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