Wellington Hospital

I was in one of the new sections of Wellington Hospital today, visiting an unfortunate friend. Like Zealandia, this was a hugely expensive building, but in this case they seem to have gotten their money’s worth. It’s light and airy (without being oppressive) in all the right places, and small and comforting elsewhere. The institutional green (approximately #bfe7a5, Pantone fans) is quite tasteful, if not the sort of decor you’d want at home.

The big stainless-steel lift was clean except for two palm prints spreadeagled on the wall, and unidentifiable packaging debris on the ground. It was like walking into the aftermath of a very brief party. I was surprised at how easy it is to wander in and out of the place unchallenged – I suppose it would be impractical to check all of the many hundreds of people moving through every day, and I guess that they keep the patients who attract dangerous visitors in more secure wards.


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