The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book by Joe Daly

The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book
by Joe Daly
Fantagraphics 2009

Two entertaining tales set in Cape Town concerning graphic designer Dave, known as the Red Monkey because of his hair and a curious foot deformity which allows him to climb trees very quickly. The back cover blurb describes this book as having a “Tintin-style crispness”, which I think means that it’s ligne claire, although Daly’s figures are more Mike Judge than Hergé. Just sayin’.

Admittedly the story does capture the zip and intrigue of a good Tintin adventure, and the supporting characters are suitably bizarre, including Dave’s stoner friend Paul*, a deranged shaman called Ozimandias, and a capybara called John Wesley Harding (named after the Dylan album). Not your usual American/Canadian two-guys-mooch-around-an-apartment bollocks.

* Their relationship is optimistically compared to that of Cheech & Chong – again, the blurb is trying too hard.

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