Moving Pictures by Kathryn & Stuart Immonen

Moving Pictures
by Kathryn & Stuart Immonen
Top Shelf, 2010

An elegant, complex, smartly-printed work of historical fiction, originally released as a (now offline) webcomic, Moving Pictures is the story of the complicated relationship between Ila, a Canadian-born curator, and Rolf, an officer from the German Military Art Commission, charged with cataloguing and packing up the treasures of the Louvre during the occupation of Paris.

The artwork is monochrome and stark, economically evoking its setting with an interesting crinkly line, in uncomfortable contrast to the perfectly circular computer-generated speech bubbles containing the acerbic dialogue. It’s not quite as good as I anticipated after reading the French flaps, which hint at more intrigue and excitement than it actually delivers, but you can tell that the characters are genuinely heartbroken at having to box up the art they love, and the plot is nicely cryptic (never actually mentioning Nazis, for example), and would make a sharp stage play.


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